Sunday, 9 December 2012

The 'wrap-up' to the 2nd weekend!

Forgive the cheesy pun for the heading to this entry - couldn't resist :).

Today's show offered a lot of familiar faces - vendor wise, which was great to see and once again, a great selection of new vendors and products to choose from as well.

And not to repeat myself to death, but please note that this post does not include all of the vendors.  Please come by to see the extensive selection.

Let's start with the tasty goods! Who can resist delicious desserts?! The mint chocolate fudge bars from 'Templeton Fine Chocolates' are simply devine.  At $3 these are a steal!

This booth of goods was quite interesting and unusual and I say that in a very positive light.  I positively love the delicate designs on the clothing such as these owls.  These pieces designed by 'Amie Scott' are a combination of fashionable and 'avant garde'.  An affordable price range of goods from around $13 - $25.

And aren't these knitted characters cute? You name it, 'Cliff's Sister' will have a knitted product for any purpose - scarves, bags, pillows, tea cozies, hot water bottle covers, etc. Prices range from $8 - $25.

And here you may think you're looking at a fantastic array of sik scarves but no, not this time.  These are luxury wine bags designed by 'Clare Rebello'.  Not only are these the perfect final touch when presenting a great bottle of wine to a loved one, but they're eco-friendly too! At $10 each, they're a steal.

'Seirene' had some of the most unique designs I've ever come across with jewelry.  A picture just doesn't do it justice.  The colours and selection were extremely diverse.  A must see for sure!  Prices ranged from $10 - $50.

A show is just not complete without items such as what was available at 'Torched Studio's' booth.  These gorgeous dishes were one-of-a-kind and offered such rich colours.  A perfect display piece to a dining area or kitchen.  'Torched Studio' also designed jewelry that had  similar vibrant colours.  Prices ranged from $20 - $120.

And on the note of a perfect display piece for the home, these pepper mills were stunning. Believe it or not, the ornate patterns in the wood were originally placed there by nature.  These distinct etchings truly make each piece unique.  Prices ranged from $100 - $120.

'I.M.Wyred' had a wonderful selection of jewelry with exquisite hues.  These wonderful earthy shades caught my eye.  A perfect compliment to most outfits and can easily be dressed up or worn casually.  Prices ranged from around $10 - $70.

What child (or adult for that matter) can resist this booth?!  These marshmallow wands at $2 each were impossible to pass up.  The taste and presentation was top notch.  'Templeton's Fine Chocolates' had an average price range of $2 - $5 for tasty items such as fudge and chocolate novelties.

Finally, the work of 'ARTBYGAM' really caught my eye.  A delightful array of images that exude a playful quality.  The colours were wonderful!  And before you think 'original art? oh that's out of my budget', think again. Prices were intentionally set so that the average person can afford to enjoy them, ranging from $10 - $100.

This weekend ended on yet another high note.  It's hard to believe but there's only 2 more weekends remaining!  If you haven't come by the show yet, please do so soon before it's too late.  You have nothing to lose with a free entry to get in :).

Photos provided by Andy Vincent


IreneMcRae said...

Thank you Annetta. The I. M. Wyred picture and review looks great. Loved the venue.
Warm Regards,
Irene McRae
from I. M. Wyred

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