Saturday, 1 December 2012

December 1st - Day one of the show

The first day of the Artisans' Gift Fair doesn't disappoint.  The selection of gifts is wonderful.  Here are some images and prices that are only a sampling of what there is to see.

Suburban Sweetheart

These delicious baked goods are provided from 'Suburban Sweetheart', with prices ranging from $5 - $7

On the note of yummy treats, this company - 'Joy-see' is offering a fine selection of oils - 3 for $20 or 1 for $7.  I believe there's a show special too!

Weir's Lane
Another booth that really stood out and  certainly appealed to the senses was 'Weir's Lane'.  This booth had a great selection of lavender, scented, edible, you name it, they had it when it came to lavender.

Prices ranged from around $5 - $20.

The Mischievous Marriage
At this time of the year, with the winter finally upon us, the warmth apparel was popular such as this very stylish hat company - 'The Mischievous Marriage'.  These custom made hats range from $150 - $350

Stilllife Home
Everything at the show was lovely but these really stood out.  Sarah Richardson would die for these in her next house reno! Designed by 'Stilllife Home'.  The prices were really reasonable too, averaging $25.

If your little one has every toy they can possibly think of, these cute little characters might just be the missing ingredient - designed by 'CGMonsters'.  The prices average around $25.

Jewelry Creations
Jewelry at the Artisans' Gift Fair really stands out with respect to having an unique and contemporary look.  This chunky necklace really caught my eye.  Designed by 'Jewelry Creations', prices range from $15 - $65.

This booth from 'Gridley's' had a constant crowd around it and not surprisingly.  A vast array of body soaps and treatments with remarkable pricing ranging from $5 - $65.  The scents were lovely.

Needles To Say
If you love colour then you need to check out 'Needles To Say'.  These beautiful knitted touques, sweaters and many other items average in price from $30 - $40.

Hearts and Bones
And don't forget to treat your canine companion!  These tasty treats come in a selection of 'doggy bags'.  'Hearts and Bones' offers them for a steal at $7 a bag.

Studio No 9
In a world where a round comical bird - namely an 'Angry Bird' stuffed toy is one of the most favoured of all, I find these little guys to fall right in line with that trend.  These awesome little characters are developed by 'Studio No 9' with prices ranging from $15 - $20.

The Spadina Diner
If you're looking for delicious gluten free tasty desserts and recipes, then check out 'The Spadina Diner'.  Today's show special included the low fee of $10 for the recipe book, normally $20. Prices range from $2 - $20.

The Jupiter Tribe
If you're looking to accessorize with a unique style, 'The Jupiter Tribe' is possibly a great spot to check out.  Prices were reasonable with ranges from $35 - $85.

There was a vast array of jewelry and such beautiful designs.  I didn't have the opportunity to capture it all but below is an example of an interesting display from 'Designs in Demand' with lovely bracelets adorning trees.  As shown below, the price was $25 for one.

Please come and check us out on the 2nd as there will be another wonderful group of vendors to check out.  Each day differs.  Above is only a sample of what was on display.

Happy shopping!!

Photos provided by Battey-Pratt Designs


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