Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dec. 8th Had Lots in Store!

When I entered the fair today I was greeted by lovely Christmas music and the hustle and bustle of shoppers, perusing the wonderful products that were everywhere.  The colours and selection was outstanding.

To begin, I'll talk about the goods offered at 'Paty En La Playa'.  These scarves and vests were absolutely gorgeous!  They offered elegance, warmth and the epitome of perfect fashion.  Each one was handmade with Italian lace, 100% wool and other natural fibres.  I hope you had a chance to feel the fabrics if you came by as they were like smooth cream to the was glorious.  The earthy tones made them an ideal compliment to any coat or sweater you may own.  The prices were incredibly good given the quality of these products, ranging from $20 - $40.

These miniature displays and motorized dioramas created by 'John Schicht' were positively outstanding.  They were inspired by well known movies, video games or simply put together by the vivid and creative imagination of John.  The motorized dioramas had little trains that passed through or roofs that opened with characters coming in or out, etc. It was delightful. I noticed one child dart over to look at them and was quite mesmerized.  These would be absolutely perfect in a window or on a fireplace mantle at Christmas time.  I hope you had a chance to view these today since John doesn't offer them for sale online (as of yet) and they most definitely are a must have for anyone who enjoys decorating their home this time of year.  The prices were shockingly good, ranging from $25 - $75.

Are you still looking for gifts that suit new homeowners? If so, perhaps you should visit the booth of 'Peel Avenue'.  They have a stunning selection of butcher blocks, chopping blocks or serving boards.  I was asking about the different patterns on the blocks and learned that the butcher blocks have the end grain up, creating that beautiful checkerboard style pattern in the wood, as shown on the blocks that are in the back row in the image above.  These beautiful boards come in maple, walnut and cherry and are priced from $60 - $100.

Interested in pampering yourself or a loved one? Then perhaps visit the booth of 'Gaia's Essentials' to see the assortment of body treatment products such as butters, scrubs, hand lotions, bath salts, moisturizers and lip balms.  Each product is made of natural ingredients that are soothing and safe on the skin and leave you smelling lovely.  Prices range from $4 - $25.

The products offered by 'Naz Karsan' were delightful.  Naz offered a selection of greeting cards, either packaged individually or in packages of 6, that were all hand painted in acrylic.  The colours were radiant and the designs were both delicate and contemporary in style.  In addition to cards, Naz offered a beautiful selection of jewelry that displayed high craftsmanship, incorporating wrapped bead loops which makes the necklaces extremely strong.  His jewelry had a great range of rich earth tones complimented by oranges, reds and yellows.  Prices ranged from $6 for a single greeting card, up to $180 for his most elaborate jewelry pieces.

The scarves at 'Nuzzy Neck Wrap's' booth were extremely slick, so slick that I did a double take when walking by as I thought this was an item you could find at a large department store, so I wondered how they possibly got into an artisans show.  To my amazement, these are all made locally including the fantastic labels.  The craftsmanship, and packaging was top notch.  These neck wraps weren't your typical wraps either.  As displayed on the model above, you simply wrap one 'tail' I'll call it, over the other and it stays there.  Pretty neat!  Wires have not been incorporated to aid this, that's just how it naturally stays.  Hopefully you had a chance to see these goods as the colours were amazing.  They were available in fleece, brocade fabric lined in fleece, faux fur and velboa faux fur which is a lighter alternative.  Prices ranged from $15 - $45.

One can never get enough goods that help you to relax, or to pamper yourself with.  'Sandlewood Sea Spa' had a lovely selection of milk bath products with herbs, bath salts, bath bags, bath balms, floating candles and herbal masks.  And if that wasn't enough, you can bring your kitty into the life of luxury as well with catnip critters.  These gifts are perfect for your friend, mother or mother-in-law (and don't forget yourself).  Prices range from $2 - $14.99.

Back for 2013 is 'Sam-Urai'.  At this booth you can find an attractive assortment of washi tape ornaments and origami encased in clear plastic.  These ornaments are lightweight and delicate, which is ideal for any size of Christmas Tree.  In addition to ornaments there was origami art and pop-up greeting cards which, if you purchased them from here, would certainly mean that yours 'stand out' from any of the others - quite literally :).  Prices ranged from $6 - $30.

The products from 'Healing Stones' were quite lovely and tastefully Christmas themed in colour as an added plus!  As the name indicates, the stones used in the jewelry had beneficial healing properties, which aligned nicely with Elizabeth's expertise in health and wellness.  A picture unfortunately doesn't do these stunning pieces justice; however, 'Healing Stones' may be around again in upcoming weekends so please stop by to see the jewelry in person and look out for Elizabeth to learn how her products can enhance your appearance and wellbeing.  Prices range from $5 - $30

We'll wrap up today's post with yet another jeweller who had a vast assortment of stunning items, of which the necklaces above, caught my eye. 'Sacredgemstone' had, as the name implies, several different items that included gemstones.  If you're looking for seasonal jewelry, check out their products! The necklaces above were ideal for the holidays, specifically the green and red trees.  Prices and products accommodated for all types of tastes and budgets, ranging from $5 - $200, with most items $30 and under.

Only 17 more days remain until Christmas! We hope to see you next weekend.  Don't wait to come by.  We only have 2 more weekends left and new vendors each day.

Photos provided by Freshly Viewed


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