Saturday, 21 December 2013

Last Weekend To Pick Up Something Special!

According to CityNews, there are 5 things you can do this weekend, and coming to The Artisans' Gift Fair is one of the activities:

This is the last weekend the fair is on, so make haste and come on over to purchase one of the many well priced, unique and lovely items available.

To begin, let's take a peek at 'Myra Aso'.  This exhibitor had a selection of pure skin care products that include Marula Oil which originates from the Southern African Marula fruit.  This oil is described as a dry oil and has great benefits, such as providing the longest shelf life of any natural oil, as well as increasing the absorption of other oils when mixed together, which allows for greater penetration into the skin and hair, getting the most nutrients possible.  'Myra Aso' provides custom scents for unscented creams, or you can select from a range of pre-scented ones.  Their prices were amazing, ranging from $5 - $35 for a gift set.  I couldn't resist purchasing some cream myself - great ingredients for a great price!

If you're someone who decorates your Christmas tree on Christmas eve, or perhaps have some spots available on your existing Christmas tree, then check out the festive, vibrant and fun ornaments at 'Elves & Company'.  Many have a sparkly texture and surface, and use natural substances such as wood to mount images or detailing onto.  Your children will love them - especially the feathery or tulle ornaments, and for adults who appreciate a sophisticated look, there are many ornaments that embody whites, earth tones, golds and silvers.  Prices ranged from $5 - $20.

If you enjoy the beauty of nature, you may find the work of 'Lidia Cortez' quite appealing.  She creates stunning stain glass flowers, butterflies, birds and other nature based subject matter.  They make for wonderful window decorations or Christmas ornaments.  You can also purchase mini Christmas trees and jewelry including bracelets and necklaces.  Prices range from $5 - $100.

Beautiful colours, soft textures and woolies galore!  'Asiri's Treasures' offers a fantastic array of warm goodies perfect for gifts this upcoming holiday.  Their sweaters for children are adorable, incorporating bright colours and cute patterns.  They also have stunning sweaters for adults that have sophisticated earth tones and shades of grey. You can purchase scarves, finger puppets, animal toques, ponchos and purses as well - all of which incorporate Alpaca fibres with a cotton blend. Prices ranged from $3 - $125.

Do you have loose items lying around the house? Or perhaps your child's pencil case is a bit worn out? Maybe you want to keep those computer components in one spot..if so, then check out the products at 'Tatiana Koziov Design'.  Tatiana uses a combination of vintage fabrics with new fabrics, and lines these cases with complimentary patterns that make the inside just as fun looking as the outside.  Only natural fabrics are used.  These cases can be also be used for makeup, travel pouches, and iPads (some are specifically made for these).  Prices ranged from $10 - $25.

'Memory Lane Arts' offered a vast selection of Jewelry items ranging from earrings, bracelets, including leather (as seen above), necklaces, scarves and decorative hand towels.  There was a broad range of colour to suit many different tastes.  I have to admit I quite liked the pink jewelry boxes that you could gift items in - available for $1 each.  Of note too was the ease with which one could put on many items such as the necklaces - user friendly for older people who may not be as dexterous.  Prices ranged from $5 - $45.

A remarkable selection of unique jewelry items could be found at the booth of 'Nerissa Hutchinson'.  These one-of-a-kind items were steampunk inspired and each piece was themed.  There were Alice in Wonderland necklaces, Bambi, etc. Many pieces had an interesting collage of items that may include gears or clocks.   Nerissa offered pendants, clocks, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry pieces.  Prices ranged from $10 - $70.

I hope you had a chance to check out the artwork from 'W' DAE B' WAE Creative Arts'.  These works of art were quite stunning - very clean and beautifully minimalist, with the use of some colour here and there or simply black and white.  They were extremely elegant.  A great addition to your place or perhaps for a loved one, especially if either of you enjoy Canadian imagery.  Images were made up of acrylic or acrylic and ink on paper or canvas.  Prices ranged from $30 - $400.

I have to say, I'm always impressed by the craftsmanship and ideas at this show, but this booth really impressed me.  I would never imagine doing something so creative with liquor bottles as what was done at 'Adams Bottle Shop'.  Adam takes empty liquor, beer or non-alcoholic bottles and converts them into beautiful candles.  They're meticulously cut and hand made soy candles are added, either scented or unscented.  Adam will do custom jobs as well for weddings or other special occasions. Perhaps you're hosting a Jack Daniels themed party on the holidays?  Prices ranged from $5 - $15.

Are you looking for items that truly differentiate you from anyone else, and incorporate style?  If so, you may be interested in seeing 'Paeony Blue'.  This booth offered a range of handbags that are made of re-purposed fabrics or donated fabric from people or stores.  Each purse has a range of textures and complimentary colours that include beautiful interiors with floral prints or other patterns that compliment the exterior designs.  In addition to handbags, you could purchase felt Christmas baubles, broaches, mini pillows and wristlets too.  Prices ranged from $5 - $75.

We'll wrap up today's post with the exquisite pottery from 'Elizabeth Block Potter & Craftswoman'.  As you can see from the photograph, she has a vast array of items that would suit any requirement, need or want.  There are bowls, mugs, toothpaste holders, pots, clocks, chip n' dip containers, bells and a gorgeous tureen as well.  Everything is dishwasher proof.  Each item includes precise detailing, right down to the handles on mugs or the top of a tea pot for instance.  The colours include stunning muted blues or greens with the occasional black and white item.  Prices ranged from $6 - $140.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Photos provided by Freshly Viewed


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