Sunday, 22 December 2013

Jack Frost Visited Us On The Last Day!

We love having customers of all types but Jack Frost can stay at home and we wouldn't mind :).  Nonetheless, although it was challenging to attend the show during an 'ice storm', people did and it made for quite a satisfactory final day, with a warm holiday buzz filling the air.

We'll begin with the incredible products from 'Allan B. Lang'.  Allan is a phenomenal craftsman, creating gorgeous cutting boards, shapely bandsaw jewelry boxes, curio boxes, elegant wine holders, tissue boxes and pizza paddles.  He uses Ontario hardwoods such as cherry, maple, walnut, yellow and white birch as well as pine.  What completely blew me away were his prices on these top notch products.  A cutting board that should be almost $200, was priced at $50 or $60!!  It was too good to pass up and although I already own 3 chopping blocks myself, I purchased two more - one for our household and one for the in-laws.  I hope you had a chance to come by the show as these products were priced for clearance according to Allan.  And indeed they were, ranging from $4 - $150.

Of note at the Artisans' Gift Fair, is the originality and creativity in these artists' works.  This was quite apparent with the products from 'Keepsake Jewellery'.  Deborah has converted her film photography into one-of-a-kind jewelry, which includes rings, cuff links, tie clips and custom broaches.  Her imagery is black and white, giving all of her pieces a classy and vintage feel.  Prices ranged from $10 - $70

One can never have enough scarves or toques, especially the ones from 'Eleanor Bryant' who offers a vast assortment of colours and styles, from ruffle scarves with glitter, to more conventional ones.  She has toques with pom poms or ones without for older people.  She covers a range of ages and tastes, offering not just traditional scarves but infinity style ones and cowl necks as well.  You can purchase items for infants, children and adults.  Prices ranged from $15 - $25.

These terrariums offered by 'Wildlife Gardening' were delightful!!  What was especially ingenious about them, was how they were housed, utilizing re-purposed glass containers such as carafes, liquor bottles, cider jugs, wine decanters and other interesting and aesthetically attractive glass containers.  Each terrarium contained native plants that were adorned with statues of farm animals, insects and other attractive creatures.  As long as the lids remain on, they're completely self sustaining and retain their moisture.  A great low maintenance and fascinating gift for a child!  Prices ranged from $5 - $40.

I hope you had a chance to visit the booth 'From Boba With Love'.  She had such a plethora of jewelry pieces to select from that there was truly something for anyone.  Boba only used quality products for each piece which included semi-precious stones, swarovski crystals or fresh water pearls.  In addition to jewelry, she had a great selection of framed photographs and greeting cards that depicted her own photography.  Her images were of scenes in nature, and had a beautifully delicate and refined quality to them.  Prices ranged from $10 - $30.

Although the next group of exhibitors were not at today's show, I wanted to wrap up today's post with mention of their products, as it still represents the range and quality of items available at the Artisans' Gift Fair.  Yesterday, 'Maria Shimmery Ruffle Scarves' had, as the name indicates, an amazing selection of shimmery ruffle scarves, and shimmery they were! My camera didn't properly capture the glitter unfortunately.  It was quite spectacular to look at.  Maria offered many colours to suit different tastes and her price was very reasonable, at $20 each.

The jewelry from 'Fatima', available on November 30th, was really chic.  The texture of the earrings was extremely soft and smooth - made up of polymer clay and the patterns were modern with vibrant shades, earth tones or traditional black and white.  Fatima also offered necklaces that compliment the array of earrings.  Prices ranged from $12 - $36.

On December 14th and 15th, 'Time Traveller's Collection' had an exquisite collection of bookmarks available for purchase.  Each bookmark had a great statement printed on it such as 'I like big books and I cannot lie', which if you're familiar with Sir Mix-a-Lot and the album Mack Daddy, I found to be quite amusing.  The bookmarks were adorned with vintage Indian jewelry or pieces that emulated that look and feel.  The colours were fantastic and considering how much work was put into each of these, they were a steal, priced at $10 each.

Another exhibitor who had great products was 'Pearera Custom Jewellery'. On December 14th, they had a wide selection of fashionable 'chunky' necklaces that were appropriate for business wear or an evening out.  These 'chunky' necklaces can easily have sections removed - (by you) if you wish to wear it in a more casual fashion.  Pearera also offered single strand necklaces that housed beads, gems and crystals of various colours, some of which included vintage strands that held new pendants.  Prices ranged from $25 - $169.

We'll wrap up today and this year's posts with the products from 'Sue Steffes', who was also available on December 14th.  Sue had a collection of baby booties, tea cozies, coffee cozies, bodum cozies and masks too - all of which were made out of sheep wool and alpaca.  So in essence, if you wanted to remain cozy this season, this was the booth to visit! Keeping not just you, but your drinks warm too!  Prices ranged from $6 - $50.

Once again we had a great show and a fantastic variety of items to select from.  2013 closes on a high note and we look forward to what's 'in store' for 2014.  The Artisans' Gift Fair wishes everyone a safe and joyous Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Photos provided by Freshly Viewed


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