Monday, 16 December 2013

A Blizzard Outside But Fun Inside on Dec. 14th!

This week we're posting the weekend's events a bit later but still separating Saturday from Sunday as there's a lot to cover!  This past weekend had quite the diversity of products available!  There were some amazingly original and useful (ingenious really), gifts to be seen.

Let's start off with the goodies offered at 'Urban Dog Products'.  This literally is a selection of the 'ultimate dog chews', available for your little Chihuahua or your massive Newfoundlander!  These naturally shed antlers come in all shapes in sizes for your dogs of all shapes and sizes.  They're 100% natural, they won't splinter, chip or crack and are a healthy source of calcium and essential minerals.  As an added bonus, there's no odour, no mess!! If you think of most dog toys, it can get pretty slimy and grimy..yuck.  Prices range from $10 - $40.  I picked one up myself since this isn't something you can find at a local pet store.

Returning this year was 'Designs in Demand'.  Anita's eye for beauty and fashion is superb.  She brought back the Pandora style bracelets - two of which I purchased last year and receive comments on continually.  This year she introduced beautiful 'Links of London' inspired bracelets as well.  Anita had a large range of colours and jewelry, offering necklaces, bracelets, and earings.  Her prices were incredibly reasonable when considering the craftsmanship, ranging from $10 - $70.

Two artists - 'The Viking', and 'The French Girl', have created a vast assortment of stunning stain glass ornaments for both windows and your Christmas tree, if you so choose.  The attention to detail is extraordinary as each piece has striking patterns in the glass that emulate leaf patterns, or other textures one might see in nature.  Some ornaments have a beautiful antique quality, that utilizes rare reclaimed glass that can't be purchased any longer.  I hope you had a chance to see their collection in person as a photo unfortunately does not do this justice.  The colours and subtle details were lovely.  Prices ranged from $10 - $50.

Are you still seeking for that unique, truly one-of-a-kind precious gift to present to a loved one? If so, you'll want to check out the beautiful journals and note books that 'Tibetan Paper & Handicraft' offers.  Each book's cover has delicate and stunning details - bringing in vibrant colours and vivid golds. The pages within each book consist of eco-friendly paper. Tibetan Paper & Handicraft also offers an assortment of greeting cards, singing bowls, Malas, Prayer flags, sweaters, mitts, scarves, and so much more!  Prices range from $4 - $65.

If you attended the show and followed your 'nose', you would end up at 'The French Laundry'.  They had sachets of cedar & rosemary that were positively amazing!  It made the Tranzac smell quite divine.  These attractive sachets provide a beautiful aroma for your home and can even be hung outside on your door, creating a beautiful scent that wafts down the street.  The French Laundry offered handmade soaps, bath salts, linen spray, and soy candles.  You also have the option of purchasing Murano Italian wool garments such as sweaters, baby toys, 'scrappy' scarfs, shawls, ponchos and pillows that include vintage buttons.  All items are made from re-purposed vintage men's sweaters.  Prices range from $8 - $50.

Returning this year was the whimsical and humorous products at 'She Said Pop'.  I truly hope you had a chance to peruse her collection as it was extremely amusing with greeting card messages such as 'Don we now our gay apparel' with little figures dressed as the Village People.  Returning this year is the glitter bacon ornament, which is quite pretty when viewed in person as it has a shimmery, sparkly appearance.  She Said Pop offers ornaments, magnets, and greeting cards with prices ranging from $2 - $40.

I hope you had a chance to see the groovy, fun and funky jewelry offered by 'Donna-Ley'.  These pieces are a great and fun way for you or your child to dress up.  Adults and children alike would enjoy assembling multi or single layered necklaces, bracelets or anklets.  Suitable for both men and women as well.  Those colourful items you see in the picture above are non-allergenic silicon tubes that are hand made.  The charms are designed to fit onto the tubing.  Prices are very reasonable and great for building up a collection, ranging from $3 - $12.

We were thrilled to have 'Gridley's' return again this year.  They have a huge range of bath soaps, body care products that use essential oils and fine fragrances.  They even offer a humorous soap collection from 'The Biker Bar', which depicts a formidable biker on the packaging.  That item is one of their best sellers.  What really stood out for me is the amazing whipped body cream they sell, as seen in the above photo in those round silver containers.  Not only was the texture divinely silky and light, but the range of scents was impressive to say the least! Prices ranged from $5.25 - $45.

'IsaTe's Designs' are extremely fun, funky and stylish!  Ingrid had a great display at the show, with a large selection of items that suit Yoga enthusiasts - offering attractive headbands, some of which are suitable for colder temperatures.  In addition, IsaTe's Designs offered a great assortment of skirts and other clothing in different sizes, colours and patterns. All of her items are made from re-purposed fabrics and include braided headbands, tie bracelets key fobs and super funky hair elastics.  There's really something for anyone!  Prices ranged from $4 - $60.

We'll finish today's post with 'The Garden Manicurist'.  Believe it or not, these incredibly colourful and artistic boxes are toolboxes, tea boxes, jewelry boxes and other storage containers that have been 'moozied' as they refer to it, or transformed from metal toolboxes and containers that one may have thought were somewhat useless into works of art.  The next time you see a metal box lying around, before you toss it out, think twice as The Garden Manicurist can 'upcycle' them, transforming them into the gorgeous items you see above.  These containers are fitted with small little feet to make them safe for wooden or carpeted floors.  Custom jobs are welcome - maybe you men would like something more 'sporty' perhaps? They can do it!  For pre-made boxes such as what you see above, prices range from $40 - $200.

Tomorrow we'll continue with Sunday's assortment of collections.  Please note that none of these blog posts even remotely cover all of what can be found at the Artisans' Gift Fair.  Come on by! We only have one more weekend remaining.

Photos provided by Freshly Viewed


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