Sunday, 22 December 2013

Jack Frost Visited Us On The Last Day!

We love having customers of all types but Jack Frost can stay at home and we wouldn't mind :).  Nonetheless, although it was challenging to attend the show during an 'ice storm', people did and it made for quite a satisfactory final day, with a warm holiday buzz filling the air.

We'll begin with the incredible products from 'Allan B. Lang'.  Allan is a phenomenal craftsman, creating gorgeous cutting boards, shapely bandsaw jewelry boxes, curio boxes, elegant wine holders, tissue boxes and pizza paddles.  He uses Ontario hardwoods such as cherry, maple, walnut, yellow and white birch as well as pine.  What completely blew me away were his prices on these top notch products.  A cutting board that should be almost $200, was priced at $50 or $60!!  It was too good to pass up and although I already own 3 chopping blocks myself, I purchased two more - one for our household and one for the in-laws.  I hope you had a chance to come by the show as these products were priced for clearance according to Allan.  And indeed they were, ranging from $4 - $150.

Of note at the Artisans' Gift Fair, is the originality and creativity in these artists' works.  This was quite apparent with the products from 'Keepsake Jewellery'.  Deborah has converted her film photography into one-of-a-kind jewelry, which includes rings, cuff links, tie clips and custom broaches.  Her imagery is black and white, giving all of her pieces a classy and vintage feel.  Prices ranged from $10 - $70

One can never have enough scarves or toques, especially the ones from 'Eleanor Bryant' who offers a vast assortment of colours and styles, from ruffle scarves with glitter, to more conventional ones.  She has toques with pom poms or ones without for older people.  She covers a range of ages and tastes, offering not just traditional scarves but infinity style ones and cowl necks as well.  You can purchase items for infants, children and adults.  Prices ranged from $15 - $25.

These terrariums offered by 'Wildlife Gardening' were delightful!!  What was especially ingenious about them, was how they were housed, utilizing re-purposed glass containers such as carafes, liquor bottles, cider jugs, wine decanters and other interesting and aesthetically attractive glass containers.  Each terrarium contained native plants that were adorned with statues of farm animals, insects and other attractive creatures.  As long as the lids remain on, they're completely self sustaining and retain their moisture.  A great low maintenance and fascinating gift for a child!  Prices ranged from $5 - $40.

I hope you had a chance to visit the booth 'From Boba With Love'.  She had such a plethora of jewelry pieces to select from that there was truly something for anyone.  Boba only used quality products for each piece which included semi-precious stones, swarovski crystals or fresh water pearls.  In addition to jewelry, she had a great selection of framed photographs and greeting cards that depicted her own photography.  Her images were of scenes in nature, and had a beautifully delicate and refined quality to them.  Prices ranged from $10 - $30.

Although the next group of exhibitors were not at today's show, I wanted to wrap up today's post with mention of their products, as it still represents the range and quality of items available at the Artisans' Gift Fair.  Yesterday, 'Maria Shimmery Ruffle Scarves' had, as the name indicates, an amazing selection of shimmery ruffle scarves, and shimmery they were! My camera didn't properly capture the glitter unfortunately.  It was quite spectacular to look at.  Maria offered many colours to suit different tastes and her price was very reasonable, at $20 each.

The jewelry from 'Fatima', available on November 30th, was really chic.  The texture of the earrings was extremely soft and smooth - made up of polymer clay and the patterns were modern with vibrant shades, earth tones or traditional black and white.  Fatima also offered necklaces that compliment the array of earrings.  Prices ranged from $12 - $36.

On December 14th and 15th, 'Time Traveller's Collection' had an exquisite collection of bookmarks available for purchase.  Each bookmark had a great statement printed on it such as 'I like big books and I cannot lie', which if you're familiar with Sir Mix-a-Lot and the album Mack Daddy, I found to be quite amusing.  The bookmarks were adorned with vintage Indian jewelry or pieces that emulated that look and feel.  The colours were fantastic and considering how much work was put into each of these, they were a steal, priced at $10 each.

Another exhibitor who had great products was 'Pearera Custom Jewellery'. On December 14th, they had a wide selection of fashionable 'chunky' necklaces that were appropriate for business wear or an evening out.  These 'chunky' necklaces can easily have sections removed - (by you) if you wish to wear it in a more casual fashion.  Pearera also offered single strand necklaces that housed beads, gems and crystals of various colours, some of which included vintage strands that held new pendants.  Prices ranged from $25 - $169.

We'll wrap up today and this year's posts with the products from 'Sue Steffes', who was also available on December 14th.  Sue had a collection of baby booties, tea cozies, coffee cozies, bodum cozies and masks too - all of which were made out of sheep wool and alpaca.  So in essence, if you wanted to remain cozy this season, this was the booth to visit! Keeping not just you, but your drinks warm too!  Prices ranged from $6 - $50.

Once again we had a great show and a fantastic variety of items to select from.  2013 closes on a high note and we look forward to what's 'in store' for 2014.  The Artisans' Gift Fair wishes everyone a safe and joyous Holiday and a Happy New Year!

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Last Weekend To Pick Up Something Special!

According to CityNews, there are 5 things you can do this weekend, and coming to The Artisans' Gift Fair is one of the activities:

This is the last weekend the fair is on, so make haste and come on over to purchase one of the many well priced, unique and lovely items available.

To begin, let's take a peek at 'Myra Aso'.  This exhibitor had a selection of pure skin care products that include Marula Oil which originates from the Southern African Marula fruit.  This oil is described as a dry oil and has great benefits, such as providing the longest shelf life of any natural oil, as well as increasing the absorption of other oils when mixed together, which allows for greater penetration into the skin and hair, getting the most nutrients possible.  'Myra Aso' provides custom scents for unscented creams, or you can select from a range of pre-scented ones.  Their prices were amazing, ranging from $5 - $35 for a gift set.  I couldn't resist purchasing some cream myself - great ingredients for a great price!

If you're someone who decorates your Christmas tree on Christmas eve, or perhaps have some spots available on your existing Christmas tree, then check out the festive, vibrant and fun ornaments at 'Elves & Company'.  Many have a sparkly texture and surface, and use natural substances such as wood to mount images or detailing onto.  Your children will love them - especially the feathery or tulle ornaments, and for adults who appreciate a sophisticated look, there are many ornaments that embody whites, earth tones, golds and silvers.  Prices ranged from $5 - $20.

If you enjoy the beauty of nature, you may find the work of 'Lidia Cortez' quite appealing.  She creates stunning stain glass flowers, butterflies, birds and other nature based subject matter.  They make for wonderful window decorations or Christmas ornaments.  You can also purchase mini Christmas trees and jewelry including bracelets and necklaces.  Prices range from $5 - $100.

Beautiful colours, soft textures and woolies galore!  'Asiri's Treasures' offers a fantastic array of warm goodies perfect for gifts this upcoming holiday.  Their sweaters for children are adorable, incorporating bright colours and cute patterns.  They also have stunning sweaters for adults that have sophisticated earth tones and shades of grey. You can purchase scarves, finger puppets, animal toques, ponchos and purses as well - all of which incorporate Alpaca fibres with a cotton blend. Prices ranged from $3 - $125.

Do you have loose items lying around the house? Or perhaps your child's pencil case is a bit worn out? Maybe you want to keep those computer components in one spot..if so, then check out the products at 'Tatiana Koziov Design'.  Tatiana uses a combination of vintage fabrics with new fabrics, and lines these cases with complimentary patterns that make the inside just as fun looking as the outside.  Only natural fabrics are used.  These cases can be also be used for makeup, travel pouches, and iPads (some are specifically made for these).  Prices ranged from $10 - $25.

'Memory Lane Arts' offered a vast selection of Jewelry items ranging from earrings, bracelets, including leather (as seen above), necklaces, scarves and decorative hand towels.  There was a broad range of colour to suit many different tastes.  I have to admit I quite liked the pink jewelry boxes that you could gift items in - available for $1 each.  Of note too was the ease with which one could put on many items such as the necklaces - user friendly for older people who may not be as dexterous.  Prices ranged from $5 - $45.

A remarkable selection of unique jewelry items could be found at the booth of 'Nerissa Hutchinson'.  These one-of-a-kind items were steampunk inspired and each piece was themed.  There were Alice in Wonderland necklaces, Bambi, etc. Many pieces had an interesting collage of items that may include gears or clocks.   Nerissa offered pendants, clocks, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry pieces.  Prices ranged from $10 - $70.

I hope you had a chance to check out the artwork from 'W' DAE B' WAE Creative Arts'.  These works of art were quite stunning - very clean and beautifully minimalist, with the use of some colour here and there or simply black and white.  They were extremely elegant.  A great addition to your place or perhaps for a loved one, especially if either of you enjoy Canadian imagery.  Images were made up of acrylic or acrylic and ink on paper or canvas.  Prices ranged from $30 - $400.

I have to say, I'm always impressed by the craftsmanship and ideas at this show, but this booth really impressed me.  I would never imagine doing something so creative with liquor bottles as what was done at 'Adams Bottle Shop'.  Adam takes empty liquor, beer or non-alcoholic bottles and converts them into beautiful candles.  They're meticulously cut and hand made soy candles are added, either scented or unscented.  Adam will do custom jobs as well for weddings or other special occasions. Perhaps you're hosting a Jack Daniels themed party on the holidays?  Prices ranged from $5 - $15.

Are you looking for items that truly differentiate you from anyone else, and incorporate style?  If so, you may be interested in seeing 'Paeony Blue'.  This booth offered a range of handbags that are made of re-purposed fabrics or donated fabric from people or stores.  Each purse has a range of textures and complimentary colours that include beautiful interiors with floral prints or other patterns that compliment the exterior designs.  In addition to handbags, you could purchase felt Christmas baubles, broaches, mini pillows and wristlets too.  Prices ranged from $5 - $75.

We'll wrap up today's post with the exquisite pottery from 'Elizabeth Block Potter & Craftswoman'.  As you can see from the photograph, she has a vast array of items that would suit any requirement, need or want.  There are bowls, mugs, toothpaste holders, pots, clocks, chip n' dip containers, bells and a gorgeous tureen as well.  Everything is dishwasher proof.  Each item includes precise detailing, right down to the handles on mugs or the top of a tea pot for instance.  The colours include stunning muted blues or greens with the occasional black and white item.  Prices ranged from $6 - $140.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Beautiful Snow & A Christmas Spirit on Dec. 15th!

Nothing puts us in the spirit of Christmas like a fresh snowfall.  Toronto was picturesque on the 15th and Santa was busy making the rounds as seen below.

Customers were happily perusing the plethora of goods, seeking out unique one-of-a-kind gifts for loved ones.

There were a couple of charitable organizations attending this year, one of which was the 'Toronto Humane Society'.  They had a great variety of items you could purchase such as the cat toys and dog treats as seen above, shirts that are cat or dog themed with expressions such as 'The Dog Father', or if you prefer, cowls and shrugs, all made from their volunteers.  When you purchase items such as these from the Toronto Humane Society, it goes toward a great cause - funding animal care.  I picked up one of those delightful Christmas trees and my two cats went wild over it.  A great festive treat.  Prices ranged from $2 - $15.

Check out the goods from 'Little River Clothing'! It's after all, Canadian eh! :) You can purchase onesies, children's and adult's clothing, along with moccasins, greeting cards, baby blankets and soap.  Each clothing piece has a beautifully delicate, and simplistic design of a Canadian animal or naturesque image.  There is a variety of colour to suit anyone's taste - ranging from subtle earthy tones to vibrant shades of coral.  Prices range from $5 - $25.

If you're seeking sophisticated items for a person that appreciates luxury, then check out 'Soulful Goods'.  They offered these exquisite bags designed by artisans in the Philippines, made out of cotton Ikat and hand woven Raffia.  Not only can you purchase one-of-a-kind purses, but iPad sleeves and hard shell clasp cases as well.  There is also an assortment of Ikat scarves to select from in earth tones and rich reds.  In addition, you can pamper your loved ones with skin care products that include facial mists and serums, body balms in funky deodorant style packaging, and men's shaving oil which doubles as a face balm.  Prices ranged from $10 - $80.

Another exhibitor who returned this year is 'Zavitz Dezigns'.  Once again, their outstanding craftsmanship shone through with this collection of real pearl necklaces, pendants on sterling silver chains and pearl earrings.  The colours and hues in the pearls were glorious, especially within the dark brown sets as seen above.  Those dark pearl sets are made of fresh water culture pearls that exhibit a beautiful multi-colour lustre. Prices covered a wide range from $15 - $300.

If you're an owner of a pooch, then I hope you had an opportunity to visit 'Bark'n Up The Green Tree'.  Not only were these products eco-friendly, but gluten free as well!  The food is hand crafted, rolled, shaped and packaged and has the equivalent shelf life to human bakery products.  The food is intended to help digestion and takes a holistic approach to your pet's wellbeing.  Everything is wheat free, dairy free and nut free. Not only does this benefit your pet, but if you the owner, have a gluten or dairy allergy, your hands won't break out when handling your pup's food.  There was also a fantastic assortment of collar accessories such as ties for male dogs or flowers for female ones.  Dog collars and beds were available for purchase as well.  Prices ranged from $3 - $150.

Who couldn't benefit from gorgeous framed works of art on your wall, or perhaps in your book?  'Joseph Sagaj' creates stunning watercolour paintings depicting various Canadian scenes from Ontario, Alberta and BC.  Both originals and prints can be purchased in the form of bookmarks, framed paintings, art cards and matted prints.  The colour spectrum is eye popping and complimentary as well, should you purchase several of his prints with the intent to place them side by side.   Prices ranged from $10 - $150.

If you're someone who enjoys vintage items then swing by 'Postcards to Notecards'.  Susan has been avidly traveling and collecting vintage postcards from 39 countries.  She has creatively re-purposed them into blank greeting cards to be used for various occasions.  Scenes depicted are predominantly from the 70's to the 90's and images can be used for collages and even placemats.  In addition to cards, there are travel books, brochures and special collection items.  Prices ranged from $3 - $75 with price dependent on the rarity of the photo.

If you love jewelry as much as I do, you'll be amazed at the variety that has been available each weekend. Each vendor's jewelry products are truly unique, which made it increasingly difficult to make choices on what to purchase, since everyone's were so lovely.  Of note was 'Kaza Daza Designs'.  They had this glorious collection of fused glass pendants mounted on silver chains.  The pendants you see in the back of the photo above, are mounted on silk strands.  The pendants were available in a wide range of colour, suitable for all tastes.  Prices ranged from $20 - $75.

Who can get enough of the wooly goods?!! Not me!  Especially when they're produced by 'Liane Schwarz' who has a true knack at creating highly fashionable items out of wool.  Liane offers accessories, hats, felt pins, felt toys, cowls, scarves, head bands, toques and slippers.  Liane's wares are so stunning to look at, feel and try on, she as a result had quite the gathering of customers around her booth, making it challenging to snap a photo.  Her styles are appropriate for young children, up to older ladies who may prefer an elegant hat to go with their long wool coat.  Prices were very reasonable ranging from $6 - $45.

Another charity group that has attended the show each week is 'Annex Cat Rescue'.  They're a great organization, trying to provide aid to kitties who don't have homes in the GTA.  Unfortunately it's a growing issue but this team and so many others are trying to provide solutions.  If you purchase items from this booth, your funds go toward this wonderful cause.  They offer cat blankets (with catnip), toys, hand made soaps, broaches and greeting cards - all produced by volunteers.  Prices are very affordable ranging from $2 - $15.

This may appear as though I snuck in a photo from the ROM; however, that's not the case.  Believe it or not, these stunning pieces were not worn by royalty in a previous time.  They were made by Irina from 'Black Currant Jewelry' and can in fact, be worn by you in the present time!  These necklaces, rings, and pendants were inspired by vintage pieces, and as such, display ornate mounts that house crystals and other stones or include details such as gears, keys, or even beautiful insects such as dragonflies.  Prices for these beautiful pieces ranged from $5 - $65.

Please note once again that the above references only cover a small portion of what's available at the show.  Remember, each weekend has a different selection of goods and vendors to see.  We hope to see you on the 21st!

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Monday, 16 December 2013

A Blizzard Outside But Fun Inside on Dec. 14th!

This week we're posting the weekend's events a bit later but still separating Saturday from Sunday as there's a lot to cover!  This past weekend had quite the diversity of products available!  There were some amazingly original and useful (ingenious really), gifts to be seen.

Let's start off with the goodies offered at 'Urban Dog Products'.  This literally is a selection of the 'ultimate dog chews', available for your little Chihuahua or your massive Newfoundlander!  These naturally shed antlers come in all shapes in sizes for your dogs of all shapes and sizes.  They're 100% natural, they won't splinter, chip or crack and are a healthy source of calcium and essential minerals.  As an added bonus, there's no odour, no mess!! If you think of most dog toys, it can get pretty slimy and grimy..yuck.  Prices range from $10 - $40.  I picked one up myself since this isn't something you can find at a local pet store.

Returning this year was 'Designs in Demand'.  Anita's eye for beauty and fashion is superb.  She brought back the Pandora style bracelets - two of which I purchased last year and receive comments on continually.  This year she introduced beautiful 'Links of London' inspired bracelets as well.  Anita had a large range of colours and jewelry, offering necklaces, bracelets, and earings.  Her prices were incredibly reasonable when considering the craftsmanship, ranging from $10 - $70.

Two artists - 'The Viking', and 'The French Girl', have created a vast assortment of stunning stain glass ornaments for both windows and your Christmas tree, if you so choose.  The attention to detail is extraordinary as each piece has striking patterns in the glass that emulate leaf patterns, or other textures one might see in nature.  Some ornaments have a beautiful antique quality, that utilizes rare reclaimed glass that can't be purchased any longer.  I hope you had a chance to see their collection in person as a photo unfortunately does not do this justice.  The colours and subtle details were lovely.  Prices ranged from $10 - $50.

Are you still seeking for that unique, truly one-of-a-kind precious gift to present to a loved one? If so, you'll want to check out the beautiful journals and note books that 'Tibetan Paper & Handicraft' offers.  Each book's cover has delicate and stunning details - bringing in vibrant colours and vivid golds. The pages within each book consist of eco-friendly paper. Tibetan Paper & Handicraft also offers an assortment of greeting cards, singing bowls, Malas, Prayer flags, sweaters, mitts, scarves, and so much more!  Prices range from $4 - $65.

If you attended the show and followed your 'nose', you would end up at 'The French Laundry'.  They had sachets of cedar & rosemary that were positively amazing!  It made the Tranzac smell quite divine.  These attractive sachets provide a beautiful aroma for your home and can even be hung outside on your door, creating a beautiful scent that wafts down the street.  The French Laundry offered handmade soaps, bath salts, linen spray, and soy candles.  You also have the option of purchasing Murano Italian wool garments such as sweaters, baby toys, 'scrappy' scarfs, shawls, ponchos and pillows that include vintage buttons.  All items are made from re-purposed vintage men's sweaters.  Prices range from $8 - $50.

Returning this year was the whimsical and humorous products at 'She Said Pop'.  I truly hope you had a chance to peruse her collection as it was extremely amusing with greeting card messages such as 'Don we now our gay apparel' with little figures dressed as the Village People.  Returning this year is the glitter bacon ornament, which is quite pretty when viewed in person as it has a shimmery, sparkly appearance.  She Said Pop offers ornaments, magnets, and greeting cards with prices ranging from $2 - $40.

I hope you had a chance to see the groovy, fun and funky jewelry offered by 'Donna-Ley'.  These pieces are a great and fun way for you or your child to dress up.  Adults and children alike would enjoy assembling multi or single layered necklaces, bracelets or anklets.  Suitable for both men and women as well.  Those colourful items you see in the picture above are non-allergenic silicon tubes that are hand made.  The charms are designed to fit onto the tubing.  Prices are very reasonable and great for building up a collection, ranging from $3 - $12.

We were thrilled to have 'Gridley's' return again this year.  They have a huge range of bath soaps, body care products that use essential oils and fine fragrances.  They even offer a humorous soap collection from 'The Biker Bar', which depicts a formidable biker on the packaging.  That item is one of their best sellers.  What really stood out for me is the amazing whipped body cream they sell, as seen in the above photo in those round silver containers.  Not only was the texture divinely silky and light, but the range of scents was impressive to say the least! Prices ranged from $5.25 - $45.

'IsaTe's Designs' are extremely fun, funky and stylish!  Ingrid had a great display at the show, with a large selection of items that suit Yoga enthusiasts - offering attractive headbands, some of which are suitable for colder temperatures.  In addition, IsaTe's Designs offered a great assortment of skirts and other clothing in different sizes, colours and patterns. All of her items are made from re-purposed fabrics and include braided headbands, tie bracelets key fobs and super funky hair elastics.  There's really something for anyone!  Prices ranged from $4 - $60.

We'll finish today's post with 'The Garden Manicurist'.  Believe it or not, these incredibly colourful and artistic boxes are toolboxes, tea boxes, jewelry boxes and other storage containers that have been 'moozied' as they refer to it, or transformed from metal toolboxes and containers that one may have thought were somewhat useless into works of art.  The next time you see a metal box lying around, before you toss it out, think twice as The Garden Manicurist can 'upcycle' them, transforming them into the gorgeous items you see above.  These containers are fitted with small little feet to make them safe for wooden or carpeted floors.  Custom jobs are welcome - maybe you men would like something more 'sporty' perhaps? They can do it!  For pre-made boxes such as what you see above, prices range from $40 - $200.

Tomorrow we'll continue with Sunday's assortment of collections.  Please note that none of these blog posts even remotely cover all of what can be found at the Artisans' Gift Fair.  Come on by! We only have one more weekend remaining.

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dec. 8th Had Lots in Store!

When I entered the fair today I was greeted by lovely Christmas music and the hustle and bustle of shoppers, perusing the wonderful products that were everywhere.  The colours and selection was outstanding.

To begin, I'll talk about the goods offered at 'Paty En La Playa'.  These scarves and vests were absolutely gorgeous!  They offered elegance, warmth and the epitome of perfect fashion.  Each one was handmade with Italian lace, 100% wool and other natural fibres.  I hope you had a chance to feel the fabrics if you came by as they were like smooth cream to the was glorious.  The earthy tones made them an ideal compliment to any coat or sweater you may own.  The prices were incredibly good given the quality of these products, ranging from $20 - $40.

These miniature displays and motorized dioramas created by 'John Schicht' were positively outstanding.  They were inspired by well known movies, video games or simply put together by the vivid and creative imagination of John.  The motorized dioramas had little trains that passed through or roofs that opened with characters coming in or out, etc. It was delightful. I noticed one child dart over to look at them and was quite mesmerized.  These would be absolutely perfect in a window or on a fireplace mantle at Christmas time.  I hope you had a chance to view these today since John doesn't offer them for sale online (as of yet) and they most definitely are a must have for anyone who enjoys decorating their home this time of year.  The prices were shockingly good, ranging from $25 - $75.

Are you still looking for gifts that suit new homeowners? If so, perhaps you should visit the booth of 'Peel Avenue'.  They have a stunning selection of butcher blocks, chopping blocks or serving boards.  I was asking about the different patterns on the blocks and learned that the butcher blocks have the end grain up, creating that beautiful checkerboard style pattern in the wood, as shown on the blocks that are in the back row in the image above.  These beautiful boards come in maple, walnut and cherry and are priced from $60 - $100.

Interested in pampering yourself or a loved one? Then perhaps visit the booth of 'Gaia's Essentials' to see the assortment of body treatment products such as butters, scrubs, hand lotions, bath salts, moisturizers and lip balms.  Each product is made of natural ingredients that are soothing and safe on the skin and leave you smelling lovely.  Prices range from $4 - $25.

The products offered by 'Naz Karsan' were delightful.  Naz offered a selection of greeting cards, either packaged individually or in packages of 6, that were all hand painted in acrylic.  The colours were radiant and the designs were both delicate and contemporary in style.  In addition to cards, Naz offered a beautiful selection of jewelry that displayed high craftsmanship, incorporating wrapped bead loops which makes the necklaces extremely strong.  His jewelry had a great range of rich earth tones complimented by oranges, reds and yellows.  Prices ranged from $6 for a single greeting card, up to $180 for his most elaborate jewelry pieces.

The scarves at 'Nuzzy Neck Wrap's' booth were extremely slick, so slick that I did a double take when walking by as I thought this was an item you could find at a large department store, so I wondered how they possibly got into an artisans show.  To my amazement, these are all made locally including the fantastic labels.  The craftsmanship, and packaging was top notch.  These neck wraps weren't your typical wraps either.  As displayed on the model above, you simply wrap one 'tail' I'll call it, over the other and it stays there.  Pretty neat!  Wires have not been incorporated to aid this, that's just how it naturally stays.  Hopefully you had a chance to see these goods as the colours were amazing.  They were available in fleece, brocade fabric lined in fleece, faux fur and velboa faux fur which is a lighter alternative.  Prices ranged from $15 - $45.

One can never get enough goods that help you to relax, or to pamper yourself with.  'Sandlewood Sea Spa' had a lovely selection of milk bath products with herbs, bath salts, bath bags, bath balms, floating candles and herbal masks.  And if that wasn't enough, you can bring your kitty into the life of luxury as well with catnip critters.  These gifts are perfect for your friend, mother or mother-in-law (and don't forget yourself).  Prices range from $2 - $14.99.

Back for 2013 is 'Sam-Urai'.  At this booth you can find an attractive assortment of washi tape ornaments and origami encased in clear plastic.  These ornaments are lightweight and delicate, which is ideal for any size of Christmas Tree.  In addition to ornaments there was origami art and pop-up greeting cards which, if you purchased them from here, would certainly mean that yours 'stand out' from any of the others - quite literally :).  Prices ranged from $6 - $30.

The products from 'Healing Stones' were quite lovely and tastefully Christmas themed in colour as an added plus!  As the name indicates, the stones used in the jewelry had beneficial healing properties, which aligned nicely with Elizabeth's expertise in health and wellness.  A picture unfortunately doesn't do these stunning pieces justice; however, 'Healing Stones' may be around again in upcoming weekends so please stop by to see the jewelry in person and look out for Elizabeth to learn how her products can enhance your appearance and wellbeing.  Prices range from $5 - $30

We'll wrap up today's post with yet another jeweller who had a vast assortment of stunning items, of which the necklaces above, caught my eye. 'Sacredgemstone' had, as the name implies, several different items that included gemstones.  If you're looking for seasonal jewelry, check out their products! The necklaces above were ideal for the holidays, specifically the green and red trees.  Prices and products accommodated for all types of tastes and budgets, ranging from $5 - $200, with most items $30 and under.

Only 17 more days remain until Christmas! We hope to see you next weekend.  Don't wait to come by.  We only have 2 more weekends left and new vendors each day.

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