Sunday, 16 December 2012

Great food, accessories, clothes and so much more!

The weather outside was frightful but inside was quite delightful!  Yes it was a bit of a dreary rainy day but that didn't put a damper on the vibe of the show and mood of shoppers and exhibitors alike.

Once again, we had a great variety of one-of-a-kind products - a perfect gift for that extra special someone in your life, after all, a unique person is deserving of an equally unique item.

Today's show had an interesting booth from 'Biljana Art'.  Not only did they have a great selection of artwork, but were offering 'intuitive reading' sessions.  This booth had a lot of different types of products, and in this case, services, so I hope you had a chance to check them out.  Prices ranged from $5 - $100.

Once again there was a spectacular selection of jewelry. 'Zavitz Dezigns' had a remarkable selection of pearls and semi-precious stones to select from with beautiful iridescent qualities.  Prices ranged from $20 - $300.

Yet another impressive display of jewelry was seen at the booth of 'From Boba With Love'.  In particular the turquoise and red stones really stood out to me, but what was also impressive was the vast selection of styles to suit anyone's taste.  There was also stunning framed images to select from and stylish scarves. Prices ranged from $10 - $30.

I thought that this was the most charming and humorous selection of ornaments I've ever laid my eyes on.  This cute penguin in particular would be a wonderful addition to a Christmas tree!  Designed by 'Spotted Cat Creations', they also had a selection of figurines available. Prices ranged from $5 - $20.

And on the theme of humorous and charming ornaments, who can pass up glitter bacon? or perhaps punny magnets?  It's the perfect conversation starter or gift for those who seem to already have everything.  These witty products were created by 'She Said Pop' with prices ranging from $2 - $40.

Looking for funky and contemporary designs? Interested in making a fashion statement? Then 'Luminus By CW' is the booth to check out.  This is only a glimpse of the gorgeous pieces available.  Prices were reasonable ranging from $25 - $75.

This year I've seen fashions with scarves escalate so I found this creation interesting in that it's almost a variance of the scarf concept - somewhere in the middle between casual jewelry and wearing a scarf.  These pieces, designed by 'Diane Rowe' come in several colours to accessorize any outfit and are well priced from $5 - $10.

This was a great booth from 'Karma Co-op' - A business that promotes reduced packaging, selling organic, local and fair trade products.  This is a members-owned food co-operative with a vast range of products and prices. Today's show had items that ranged in price from $0.25 - $80.

Sick of mass produced holiday or Christmas cards? If so, then check out the selection at 'HandCraftedCards'. These designs have a minimalistic and charming appeal that will differentiate you from the pack.  Each card is $4.50 or $20 for 5.

This booth from 'The Basic Elements' had a wonderful selection of handmade vegan and organic beauty alternatives.  Offering a range of products from lip balms to facial cleansers and scrubs, prices were from $4 - $12.

These were the prettiest soap bars I've seen in quite some time!  Today's selection were Christmas themed in their colours.  What makes this booth and their items unique was the cause behind the product offering - raising money to help children in 3rd world countries go to school and obtain supplies.  'Endeavor' is also committed to raising enough money to provide clean drinking water as well.  Prices ranged from $4 - $10.

There's only one more weekend remaining so if you haven't had a chance to come by, make sure you do!  Many of the vendors that have been showcased so far may...or may not be there, but know that there will still be a full array of exhibitors and their products to select from.

Photos provided by Battey-Pratt Designs


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