Saturday, 30 November 2013

Opening Weekend for 2013!!

We hope you had a chance to come by the Tranzac today.  The selection was excellent, with a diverse range of products from funky accessories, stunning jewellery to baked goods and freshly made roasted coffee.  There was truly an item for anyone.

There were a few vendors that were only available at the show today.  We hope you had a chance to see them before end of day.

'Pattibow Catering' was one such vendor.  This booth had a great array of baked goods - a perfect gift at a Christmas party, as well as knitted goods, of which included 'smoker's' or 'texter's' gloves - fingers free when need be! These gloves were quite the popular item.  Prices ranged from $5 - $20.

Another vendor only available today was 'Shawn Patt Designs'.  This jewellery was stunning and affordable for the quality, ranging from $30 - $80.  The designs were appropriate for casual or dressed up attire and would satisfy the high standards of a fashionista! This collection included hand-dyed fair trade silk necklaces that were truly one-of-a-kind.

A picture does not do these cards justice - designed by 'Ashley Lennox', her stunning works of art where transferred into these witty and charming Christmas cards.  Not only did she sell a vast selection of beautiful greeting cards, but she also had lovely journals and felted crafts.  Her prices ranged from $6 - $60.

Another jewelry booth which offered great colours and selection, was that of 'JET. Designs' - yet another vendor who was only at the show today.  Funky, fun and vibrant are the three words that come to mind when describing these amazing pieces. The stylish shapes and colours would be the perfect finishing touch to a favourite outfit.  The prices were equally as remarkable, ranging from $7 - $30.

We were thrilled to have the artwork of 'David Vasquez' at the show.  He's a very well known artist in the Toronto area and his work can be found in many galleries.  At today's show he offered a vast selection of oil paintings and prints.  As such, one could find gorgeous prints for an affordable fee of $35, or if you preferred, a larger work of art on canvas for $789.

Our final vendor who was only available today is 'Coco & Lolita'.  They had a lovely selection of handmade, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that were right on trend.  I was particularly interested in the long necklaces that adorned their back wall, as seen above.  These would make any outfit look truly amazing. Coco & Lolita also offered leather jewellery.  The prices were affordable, ranging from $10 - $35.

Looking for the perfect gift on a cold winter's day? 'Simply Simple' had a colourful assortment of Infinity scarves that are easy to wash and match to different coats and sweaters.  This would be a great addition to any girl's scarf collection for the affordable fee of $20.

Are you into silks, denim, vivid colours and patterns? If so, 'Cheeky Monkey' is the booth to visit.  The designer - Lisa Orchard, incorporates her own photographic images onto her clothing, making these truly unique must-haves. She offers a fantastic selection of denim jeans, jackets, skirts, silk shirts and scarves.  If you missed your chance to see her today, you will have another chance to see her booth again at our show but don't wait too long!  Items range in price from $15 - $95.

Seeking custom cards? Want to amaze friends and family with a message that's as unique as the image? Then stop by the booth of 'Uta Peikert'.  She is an artist extraordinaire, offering a range of stunning watercolour greeting cards, Batik on cloth, as well as photos of her own paintings in an easy to frame/hang size.  Uta's prices range from $5 - $80, making it affordable to own beautiful, original works of art.

Returning for 2013 is 'Studio No 9'.  Monica Cranwell, the creative genius behind these collectables has added to her roster of items.  You can still purchase one of her delightful 'mutants', or if you prefer, commemorate the Canadian penny in the form of jewellery.  Or perhaps you might want to place your child's artwork on the fridge, then come on by and pick up some custom made magnets.  There is also a large selection of found image style jewellery to make a statement with or cat toys to treat your kitty.  Studio No 9's prices range from $3 - $50.

 I'll wrap up today's posting with 'SingingBird Instruments'.  These beautiful handcrafted autoharps are produced right in Toronto's Junction by Tim Gauntley-Luthier.  You can purchase an instrument carved from Mahogany, Spruce, Western Cedar and other exotic woods.  The autoharp is perfect for those convinced they can't do music.  Swing by Tim's booth to learn more about this.  The elaborate craftsmanship of each instrument will certainly be a conversation piece regarding its aesthetics or from hearing its beautiful sound.  These instruments range from $500 - $1,500.

This only covers a small portion of the range of vendors and products that were available today.  Please come on by tomorrow and see what's in store.  With free entry, you have nothing to lose!

Photos provided by Freshly Viewed


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