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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Clothes, Jewelry, Food, Creams And So Much More!!

Today had another wonderful selection of goods to pick from.  We hope you had a chance to come in from the cold to check out the show.

There were a few familiar faces, either from the previous weekend, or from previous years but many exhibiters were new for the second weekend.

Here's a glimpse at what was available:

This fantastic array of creams from 'Honey Girl' originates from beautiful Hawaii.  Everything is produced and harvested off the islands and each type of cream contains organic edible ingredients so in essence, you can eat your cream if you so choose!  There are creams for your face, eyes, babies, stretch marks, cuticles and sunburns, which eliminates peeling. Prices range from $5 - $38 - all at special show prices.

Returning again this year was 'Spotted Cat Creations'.  Their charming Christmas ornaments are the perfect final touch to your tree.  There's a vast variety of characters - cats, dogs, owls, etc. that compliment one another in style and in colour.  You can purchase one or several to create a perfect thematic series.  I couldn't resist the pink owl and purchased it today for my home :).  Prices ranged from $5 - $10.

If you're into magnets, a collector or just someone who wants to hang their kids' drawings up on the fridge, then stop by and see the collection from 'Sharon Dawn'.  She offers a vast selection of magnets, jewelry, scarves, pouches, framed photos, purses, make up cases, greeting cards and photography - there's something for everyone!  Her 'found art' style designs are quite striking.  Prices ranged from $2 - $50.

'Amunche Imports' had exquisite sweater ponchos, head bands, scarves and shawls, many of which incorporated beautiful buttons that are made from Avocado pits.  All items are made from Artisans in Chile from 100% wool and are hand knitted.  Prices ranged from $20 - $120.

It was challenging to get a photo of 'Jill's Objets' booth due to the ongoing crowd her goods attracted, but I snuck one in and as you can see, Jill was working on a new bowl as a demonstration of the work that's involved.  It was remarkable to see her craftsmanship.  The colours of each dish were glorious and a perfect compliment to many people's homes due to the earthy tones and subtle shades of greens and blues.  These beautiful dishes ranged from $15 - $50 - very well priced!

'Gems by Gia' had truly eye popping jewelry to select from.  This particular set was stunning, incorporating Swarovski Crystals in a beautiful Sterling Silver setting.  To get a 'somewhat' equivalent set from Swarovski would cost you at least 3 times more.  Gems by Gia also offered other jewelry such as brangels - a combination of a bracelet and a bangle, that include wonderful legend cards explaining what the different gems represent.  The quality of each piece is high, using only sterling silver chains or wires.  Prices range from $25 - $99 and taxes are included as a show special.

If you haven't sent your Christmas cards out yet this year, don't fret, there's still time!  'Quintessentials' has a vast range of cards that are multi-purposed.  Each card has a magnet or ornament that detaches from the front.  It's the perfect gift for a neighbour, acquaintance, boss, friend or relative that simply wants to be thought of at this time of the year. Quintessentials also offers numerous cards for other occasions.  Prices range from $5 - $8 with the option to buy packages as well.

Don't forget your pet, they enjoy gifts too!  'Domaine De Doggie' has the perfect selection of beds and dishes - along with holders for your doggie.  Technically you could purchase one of these delightful beds for your kitty too!  What makes these so unique is that they're designed from Wine boxes of high quality wood.  These items are the perfect addition to a beautiful home and don't detract from your lovely furniture or flooring.  Prices range from $69 - $89.

Seeking a striking notebook, or are you perhaps a pin collector?  'Books by Essi' has a lovely selection of Canadian made items - with paper produced in Montreal along with letterpress greeting cards that are simple and effective.  The bow tie pins come in stunning colours and would make a statement on a bag or on your clothing.  Prices range from $4 - $18.

I found the items at this exhibit fascinating.  'Teddie' has necklaces, earings, rings and other jewelry items that all leverage vintage items.  The necklace in the picture above has a perfume holder that has been converted into a funky looking pendant.  The large wooden box contained several rings that had 'lids' that opened to reveal hidden mirrors and vintage lipstick holders were converted into necklaces.  You really need to swing by this booth to see what each piece offers as I've barely scratched the surface.  Each item was classy, stylish and truly a must have for any fashion forward individual.  Prices ranged from $5 - $50.

I'll wrap up today's post with this delightful booth from 'Rebecca Zimmerman'.  Rebecca's clothing and bags were hand designed, each piece incorporating her artwork.  The 'veggie' and 'greens' theme was used throughout items such as T-shirts for adults and children, gift tags, organic cotton food storage bags and onesies.  These fun original styled goods ranged in price from $5 - $35.

If you missed today, we hope to see you tomorrow!!

Photos provided by Freshly Viewed