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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dec. 8th Had Lots in Store!

When I entered the fair today I was greeted by lovely Christmas music and the hustle and bustle of shoppers, perusing the wonderful products that were everywhere.  The colours and selection was outstanding.

To begin, I'll talk about the goods offered at 'Paty En La Playa'.  These scarves and vests were absolutely gorgeous!  They offered elegance, warmth and the epitome of perfect fashion.  Each one was handmade with Italian lace, 100% wool and other natural fibres.  I hope you had a chance to feel the fabrics if you came by as they were like smooth cream to the was glorious.  The earthy tones made them an ideal compliment to any coat or sweater you may own.  The prices were incredibly good given the quality of these products, ranging from $20 - $40.

These miniature displays and motorized dioramas created by 'John Schicht' were positively outstanding.  They were inspired by well known movies, video games or simply put together by the vivid and creative imagination of John.  The motorized dioramas had little trains that passed through or roofs that opened with characters coming in or out, etc. It was delightful. I noticed one child dart over to look at them and was quite mesmerized.  These would be absolutely perfect in a window or on a fireplace mantle at Christmas time.  I hope you had a chance to view these today since John doesn't offer them for sale online (as of yet) and they most definitely are a must have for anyone who enjoys decorating their home this time of year.  The prices were shockingly good, ranging from $25 - $75.

Are you still looking for gifts that suit new homeowners? If so, perhaps you should visit the booth of 'Peel Avenue'.  They have a stunning selection of butcher blocks, chopping blocks or serving boards.  I was asking about the different patterns on the blocks and learned that the butcher blocks have the end grain up, creating that beautiful checkerboard style pattern in the wood, as shown on the blocks that are in the back row in the image above.  These beautiful boards come in maple, walnut and cherry and are priced from $60 - $100.

Interested in pampering yourself or a loved one? Then perhaps visit the booth of 'Gaia's Essentials' to see the assortment of body treatment products such as butters, scrubs, hand lotions, bath salts, moisturizers and lip balms.  Each product is made of natural ingredients that are soothing and safe on the skin and leave you smelling lovely.  Prices range from $4 - $25.

The products offered by 'Naz Karsan' were delightful.  Naz offered a selection of greeting cards, either packaged individually or in packages of 6, that were all hand painted in acrylic.  The colours were radiant and the designs were both delicate and contemporary in style.  In addition to cards, Naz offered a beautiful selection of jewelry that displayed high craftsmanship, incorporating wrapped bead loops which makes the necklaces extremely strong.  His jewelry had a great range of rich earth tones complimented by oranges, reds and yellows.  Prices ranged from $6 for a single greeting card, up to $180 for his most elaborate jewelry pieces.

The scarves at 'Nuzzy Neck Wrap's' booth were extremely slick, so slick that I did a double take when walking by as I thought this was an item you could find at a large department store, so I wondered how they possibly got into an artisans show.  To my amazement, these are all made locally including the fantastic labels.  The craftsmanship, and packaging was top notch.  These neck wraps weren't your typical wraps either.  As displayed on the model above, you simply wrap one 'tail' I'll call it, over the other and it stays there.  Pretty neat!  Wires have not been incorporated to aid this, that's just how it naturally stays.  Hopefully you had a chance to see these goods as the colours were amazing.  They were available in fleece, brocade fabric lined in fleece, faux fur and velboa faux fur which is a lighter alternative.  Prices ranged from $15 - $45.

One can never get enough goods that help you to relax, or to pamper yourself with.  'Sandlewood Sea Spa' had a lovely selection of milk bath products with herbs, bath salts, bath bags, bath balms, floating candles and herbal masks.  And if that wasn't enough, you can bring your kitty into the life of luxury as well with catnip critters.  These gifts are perfect for your friend, mother or mother-in-law (and don't forget yourself).  Prices range from $2 - $14.99.

Back for 2013 is 'Sam-Urai'.  At this booth you can find an attractive assortment of washi tape ornaments and origami encased in clear plastic.  These ornaments are lightweight and delicate, which is ideal for any size of Christmas Tree.  In addition to ornaments there was origami art and pop-up greeting cards which, if you purchased them from here, would certainly mean that yours 'stand out' from any of the others - quite literally :).  Prices ranged from $6 - $30.

The products from 'Healing Stones' were quite lovely and tastefully Christmas themed in colour as an added plus!  As the name indicates, the stones used in the jewelry had beneficial healing properties, which aligned nicely with Elizabeth's expertise in health and wellness.  A picture unfortunately doesn't do these stunning pieces justice; however, 'Healing Stones' may be around again in upcoming weekends so please stop by to see the jewelry in person and look out for Elizabeth to learn how her products can enhance your appearance and wellbeing.  Prices range from $5 - $30

We'll wrap up today's post with yet another jeweller who had a vast assortment of stunning items, of which the necklaces above, caught my eye. 'Sacredgemstone' had, as the name implies, several different items that included gemstones.  If you're looking for seasonal jewelry, check out their products! The necklaces above were ideal for the holidays, specifically the green and red trees.  Prices and products accommodated for all types of tastes and budgets, ranging from $5 - $200, with most items $30 and under.

Only 17 more days remain until Christmas! We hope to see you next weekend.  Don't wait to come by.  We only have 2 more weekends left and new vendors each day.

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Clothes, Jewelry, Food, Creams And So Much More!!

Today had another wonderful selection of goods to pick from.  We hope you had a chance to come in from the cold to check out the show.

There were a few familiar faces, either from the previous weekend, or from previous years but many exhibiters were new for the second weekend.

Here's a glimpse at what was available:

This fantastic array of creams from 'Honey Girl' originates from beautiful Hawaii.  Everything is produced and harvested off the islands and each type of cream contains organic edible ingredients so in essence, you can eat your cream if you so choose!  There are creams for your face, eyes, babies, stretch marks, cuticles and sunburns, which eliminates peeling. Prices range from $5 - $38 - all at special show prices.

Returning again this year was 'Spotted Cat Creations'.  Their charming Christmas ornaments are the perfect final touch to your tree.  There's a vast variety of characters - cats, dogs, owls, etc. that compliment one another in style and in colour.  You can purchase one or several to create a perfect thematic series.  I couldn't resist the pink owl and purchased it today for my home :).  Prices ranged from $5 - $10.

If you're into magnets, a collector or just someone who wants to hang their kids' drawings up on the fridge, then stop by and see the collection from 'Sharon Dawn'.  She offers a vast selection of magnets, jewelry, scarves, pouches, framed photos, purses, make up cases, greeting cards and photography - there's something for everyone!  Her 'found art' style designs are quite striking.  Prices ranged from $2 - $50.

'Amunche Imports' had exquisite sweater ponchos, head bands, scarves and shawls, many of which incorporated beautiful buttons that are made from Avocado pits.  All items are made from Artisans in Chile from 100% wool and are hand knitted.  Prices ranged from $20 - $120.

It was challenging to get a photo of 'Jill's Objets' booth due to the ongoing crowd her goods attracted, but I snuck one in and as you can see, Jill was working on a new bowl as a demonstration of the work that's involved.  It was remarkable to see her craftsmanship.  The colours of each dish were glorious and a perfect compliment to many people's homes due to the earthy tones and subtle shades of greens and blues.  These beautiful dishes ranged from $15 - $50 - very well priced!

'Gems by Gia' had truly eye popping jewelry to select from.  This particular set was stunning, incorporating Swarovski Crystals in a beautiful Sterling Silver setting.  To get a 'somewhat' equivalent set from Swarovski would cost you at least 3 times more.  Gems by Gia also offered other jewelry such as brangels - a combination of a bracelet and a bangle, that include wonderful legend cards explaining what the different gems represent.  The quality of each piece is high, using only sterling silver chains or wires.  Prices range from $25 - $99 and taxes are included as a show special.

If you haven't sent your Christmas cards out yet this year, don't fret, there's still time!  'Quintessentials' has a vast range of cards that are multi-purposed.  Each card has a magnet or ornament that detaches from the front.  It's the perfect gift for a neighbour, acquaintance, boss, friend or relative that simply wants to be thought of at this time of the year. Quintessentials also offers numerous cards for other occasions.  Prices range from $5 - $8 with the option to buy packages as well.

Don't forget your pet, they enjoy gifts too!  'Domaine De Doggie' has the perfect selection of beds and dishes - along with holders for your doggie.  Technically you could purchase one of these delightful beds for your kitty too!  What makes these so unique is that they're designed from Wine boxes of high quality wood.  These items are the perfect addition to a beautiful home and don't detract from your lovely furniture or flooring.  Prices range from $69 - $89.

Seeking a striking notebook, or are you perhaps a pin collector?  'Books by Essi' has a lovely selection of Canadian made items - with paper produced in Montreal along with letterpress greeting cards that are simple and effective.  The bow tie pins come in stunning colours and would make a statement on a bag or on your clothing.  Prices range from $4 - $18.

I found the items at this exhibit fascinating.  'Teddie' has necklaces, earings, rings and other jewelry items that all leverage vintage items.  The necklace in the picture above has a perfume holder that has been converted into a funky looking pendant.  The large wooden box contained several rings that had 'lids' that opened to reveal hidden mirrors and vintage lipstick holders were converted into necklaces.  You really need to swing by this booth to see what each piece offers as I've barely scratched the surface.  Each item was classy, stylish and truly a must have for any fashion forward individual.  Prices ranged from $5 - $50.

I'll wrap up today's post with this delightful booth from 'Rebecca Zimmerman'.  Rebecca's clothing and bags were hand designed, each piece incorporating her artwork.  The 'veggie' and 'greens' theme was used throughout items such as T-shirts for adults and children, gift tags, organic cotton food storage bags and onesies.  These fun original styled goods ranged in price from $5 - $35.

If you missed today, we hope to see you tomorrow!!

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Monday, 2 December 2013

A Hub of Activity On Dec. 1

Although it was drizzly outside, the warmer temperatures ensured that people continually came by the fair to check out the goods. As such, we wrapped up the first weekend on a high note.

There were a number of exhibitors who were available again and a few new faces as well.

The range of items to select from was a good balance of food, clothing, jewellery, art and useful or fun items to make life simpler or more enjoyable.

'Sparkplug' was a great booth to stop by and see.  Not only to see, but to 'sniff' out.  They offered three types of coffee - Dark Sparks, which is their darkest coffee, a medium blend called Winter Tuneup, and then my personal favourite, Ugly Christmas Sweater which was a perfect Christmas season blend that included ginger.  This coffee was quite fantastic, and if you're as big of a fan as many were that came to the show, you can sign up to have it delivered to your house on a regular basis.  Sparkplug's prices ranged from $14 - $18.

This booth's products were quite remarkable and unique.  At first glance, it appears to simply be an attractive assortment of jewelry, and yes, indeeed it is; however, 'iSOLA Jewelry' also strengthens your body against radiation, which now, more than ever, is extremely useful and important.  You may be wondering how this is possible.  There is a lengthier explanation than this, which is why you should come by the show and talk to Veronica personally, but essentially, by wearing these pieces, you shield and neutralize electromagnetic radiation within the vicinity (as found in cell phones, computers, WiFi and microwaves).  iSOLA's prices range from $20 - $300, making it possible for anyone to own one of these beautiful items.

New to the fair on Sunday was 'Divining/Designing'.  This exhibitor offered a stunning selection of treasure bags, pendulums, jewellery and fine art.  The range of colour in the bags was impressive, as well as the quality of the fabrics used.  In addition, the jewellery was fascinating in that each piece was thematic, with a story associated with it, inspired by goddesses of many cultures.  Prices ranged from $25 - $85.

Seeking a new stuffed toy for the kid who has it all? Or simply looking to add to your collection of exotic pillows? These adorable owl pillows from 'Tudaz Trendz' can certainly serve as both.  Each one is made from reused high quality fabrics - so extremely eco conscious, and comes with their own name. A true collectors item, and since each one is one-of-a-kind, you could create your own owl family with each member distinctly different.  We hope you had a chance to come by the show since there was a show special - owl ornaments, only available for sale at the Artisans' Gift Fair.  The owl ornaments were $11.95 and the owl pillows were $39.95.    

Unique is a great word to describe the jewelry designed by 'Simone Collins Jewelry'.  A picture does not do these justice.  Inspired by animals, plants, and/or fossils within nature, each piece is designed to compliment the subject matter with appropriate beading and adornments.  A guaranteed conversation starter and a wonderful collector's item.  Prices were extremely affordable, ranging from $8 - $35.

We were fortunate to have 'Very Vanilla Food' at the fair again for 2013.  At this booth you could find a wide selection of vanilla flavoured goods that are all made by hand.  There were extracts, sugars, powders and mulled wine mixes.  These items would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the holidays.  Prices ranged from $6 - $14.

Also with us again this year was 'E & A Jewelry'.  Their collection of jewelry was suitable for all ages and tastes.  I particularly liked these two pieces that had exquisite colours and shapes.  E & A Jewelry is the perfect final touch for any casual or elegant outfits and will definitely draw attention.  Their prices were remarkable, ranging from $15 - $60.

A show is not complete without a great selection of artwork.  'Catherine Orr' took her beautiful photographs and transferred them onto cards, suitable to send for Christmas or other special occasions.  You could also obtain a larger print to frame for your house or to give to a friend/family member.  Prices ranged from the affordable price of $4 up to $75.

Interested in staying calm over the holidays? or awake?  Perhaps 'Butterfly Aromatics' is just the solution you're seeking.  They offered a selection of aromatherapy necklaces, reed diffusers and sachets that all offer to help you concentrate, keep you calm or wake you up.  As an added bonus, each item was aesthetically quite impressive - a great addition to the decor in one's home.  Scents included lavender or Egyptian dried spearmint and were affordably priced from $3 - $15.

This exhibitor was extremely popular.  Little girls and adults alike gathered around to see demonstrations on how 'Cool Combs' work.  You can fasten a french twist, secure your hair half up, secure a bun, use it to hold a pony tail, or create other hair-do's with this funky little clip.  They came in many different colours to suit different tastes and outfits.  These simple yet effective hair accessories are made extremely well and guaranteed to last a lifetime.  We hope you had a chance to swing by as they offered a show special - purchase 2 and get a 3rd one for free.  Each comb was $15.

We'll wrap up today's post with the goods from 'Broken Images', who joined us again for 2013.  These beautiful stain glass ornaments, necklaces, pendants and mosaic mirrors were delightful.  I was particularly fond of the mirrors and could envision one up in a sun room or enclosed garden area.  Prices on these products ranged from $5 - $40.

This only covered a small section of who exhibited at our show this past weekend.  We hope you had a chance to swing on by.  If you didn't, take a moment to pop by next weekend to see some of these exhibitors or to view a new selection of products to choose from.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Opening Weekend for 2013!!

We hope you had a chance to come by the Tranzac today.  The selection was excellent, with a diverse range of products from funky accessories, stunning jewellery to baked goods and freshly made roasted coffee.  There was truly an item for anyone.

There were a few vendors that were only available at the show today.  We hope you had a chance to see them before end of day.

'Pattibow Catering' was one such vendor.  This booth had a great array of baked goods - a perfect gift at a Christmas party, as well as knitted goods, of which included 'smoker's' or 'texter's' gloves - fingers free when need be! These gloves were quite the popular item.  Prices ranged from $5 - $20.

Another vendor only available today was 'Shawn Patt Designs'.  This jewellery was stunning and affordable for the quality, ranging from $30 - $80.  The designs were appropriate for casual or dressed up attire and would satisfy the high standards of a fashionista! This collection included hand-dyed fair trade silk necklaces that were truly one-of-a-kind.

A picture does not do these cards justice - designed by 'Ashley Lennox', her stunning works of art where transferred into these witty and charming Christmas cards.  Not only did she sell a vast selection of beautiful greeting cards, but she also had lovely journals and felted crafts.  Her prices ranged from $6 - $60.

Another jewelry booth which offered great colours and selection, was that of 'JET. Designs' - yet another vendor who was only at the show today.  Funky, fun and vibrant are the three words that come to mind when describing these amazing pieces. The stylish shapes and colours would be the perfect finishing touch to a favourite outfit.  The prices were equally as remarkable, ranging from $7 - $30.

We were thrilled to have the artwork of 'David Vasquez' at the show.  He's a very well known artist in the Toronto area and his work can be found in many galleries.  At today's show he offered a vast selection of oil paintings and prints.  As such, one could find gorgeous prints for an affordable fee of $35, or if you preferred, a larger work of art on canvas for $789.

Our final vendor who was only available today is 'Coco & Lolita'.  They had a lovely selection of handmade, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that were right on trend.  I was particularly interested in the long necklaces that adorned their back wall, as seen above.  These would make any outfit look truly amazing. Coco & Lolita also offered leather jewellery.  The prices were affordable, ranging from $10 - $35.

Looking for the perfect gift on a cold winter's day? 'Simply Simple' had a colourful assortment of Infinity scarves that are easy to wash and match to different coats and sweaters.  This would be a great addition to any girl's scarf collection for the affordable fee of $20.

Are you into silks, denim, vivid colours and patterns? If so, 'Cheeky Monkey' is the booth to visit.  The designer - Lisa Orchard, incorporates her own photographic images onto her clothing, making these truly unique must-haves. She offers a fantastic selection of denim jeans, jackets, skirts, silk shirts and scarves.  If you missed your chance to see her today, you will have another chance to see her booth again at our show but don't wait too long!  Items range in price from $15 - $95.

Seeking custom cards? Want to amaze friends and family with a message that's as unique as the image? Then stop by the booth of 'Uta Peikert'.  She is an artist extraordinaire, offering a range of stunning watercolour greeting cards, Batik on cloth, as well as photos of her own paintings in an easy to frame/hang size.  Uta's prices range from $5 - $80, making it affordable to own beautiful, original works of art.

Returning for 2013 is 'Studio No 9'.  Monica Cranwell, the creative genius behind these collectables has added to her roster of items.  You can still purchase one of her delightful 'mutants', or if you prefer, commemorate the Canadian penny in the form of jewellery.  Or perhaps you might want to place your child's artwork on the fridge, then come on by and pick up some custom made magnets.  There is also a large selection of found image style jewellery to make a statement with or cat toys to treat your kitty.  Studio No 9's prices range from $3 - $50.

 I'll wrap up today's posting with 'SingingBird Instruments'.  These beautiful handcrafted autoharps are produced right in Toronto's Junction by Tim Gauntley-Luthier.  You can purchase an instrument carved from Mahogany, Spruce, Western Cedar and other exotic woods.  The autoharp is perfect for those convinced they can't do music.  Swing by Tim's booth to learn more about this.  The elaborate craftsmanship of each instrument will certainly be a conversation piece regarding its aesthetics or from hearing its beautiful sound.  These instruments range from $500 - $1,500.

This only covers a small portion of the range of vendors and products that were available today.  Please come on by tomorrow and see what's in store.  With free entry, you have nothing to lose!

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Artisans' Gift Fair for 2013 is Fast Approaching!

Greetings shoppers!

Get ready, as the Artisans' Gift Fair is approaching soon for this year!  We will have a new collection of goods for sale starting November 30th.  Since each weekend has a different selection of vendors, don't limit yourself to only dropping by once.  We highly recommend you try to come by each weekend to see what unique gifts work for your friends, family and loved ones.  Since it's free, you have nothing to lose!

Once all of our vendors have confirmed their spots, we will be updating the website shortly with a new selection of retailers for 2013, highlighting what they will be offering.

We look forward to seeing you!

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